Food Waste and Food Insecurity: Sustainable Solutions

My name is Kerren Segal, and I am passionate about our Earth and all things related to sustainability. As a Sociology major and Sustainability Studies minor, I seek to develop strategies for implementing sustainable change that address social and economic inequalities from an intersectional perspective.

For my senior year at Muhlenberg College, I have developed this blog as an ongoing project for my independent study through the Sustainability Studies Department. I am researching the causes and consequences of food waste and food insecurity on a global scale, with specific focus on the different occurrences of food loss in developed countries compared to developing countries. Through this research, I aim to explore sustainable solutions to the dual challenges of food waste and food insecurity in order to reduce the carbon footprint of food loss and to improve the accessibility and equitability of food distribution across the globe.

In my blog posts, I analyze the global impact of food waste and explore different sustainable solutions from the perspectives of individual action, organizations and institutions, and entrepreneurial and business innovations.

Based on my research and blog posts, I identified and mapped out sustainable solutions to food waste and food insecurity around the world. I then developed my own program for grocery store companies called “Compost for Life” to reduce food waste and food insecurity at both the individual and institutional levels. I also provide resources for YOU to help solve the issue of food waste!